Isn’t faith or trust a matter of impenetrable knowledge about someone? Without proof, isn’t it hearsay, better known as gossip? Since this evil is objectionable in court, why should it be practiced and accepted by the losers in Society? Simply make your assertions correspond with reality. Personal attachment should mean absolutely nothing when your survival is at risk. Don’t ask for help. Depend on yourself to ‘get where you’re going.’ This might help you doubt Frankie, your fickle, fair weathered friend. When push comes to shove, be your own man. Ice cream looks good before it melts.


About ThePatriot78

A message for you: AMERICA is all we have. It's really all we need IF we and our Government use free-will wisely! My blog is worthwhile because it's important: httP://poltergeistisland.blogspot.com
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